• Bionics and Deleuze
  • Surveillance and Postcapitalism
  • Time, Memory and Desire in Asian Histories
  • Post-colonial Differentials and Ethnic Fragmentation in Asia
  • Gender, Culture, Identity and Politics
  • Transversality and Deterritorialization of Asian Religions and Philosophies
  • Asian Societies as Hierarchical Assemblages
  • Art, Cinema and Literature
  • Asia, Globalism and Crisis of Capitalism
  • Objects, Multiplicity and Simulacrum

Abstract should be around 250 words and presentation will be of twenty minutes.
Submission of abstracts as part of panel sessions are also invited. Presenters are free to form their own panels of three for conference presentation. In that case there should be one keynote speaker who presents the panel theme first, to be followed by the other speakers. The keynote speaker is expected to make the presentation in 30 to 40 minutes, to be followed by other speakers who can take up to 20 to 25 minutes. This will be followed by discussion. For the uploading of abstracts and registration for the conference please visit the tab “ Registration” in this website.